making magic happen

One of my clearest memories as a child is of playing in my parents backyard by myself, inventing worlds and stories with G.I.Joe’s. I can practically smell the grass I used to make huts and picture in my head the dialogue I invented as I formed fluid narratives that continued form day to day. That urge to create and tell stories has been a driving force in all that I do, be it artistically or for my work.

My Passions

This website reflects some of the storytelling I have done over the years. Art, articles, games, and even the code of the site make up a series of narratives. The site is essentially a series of experiments in design, writing, and art all filtered through my personal lens.

  • Nineteen years developing digital experiences
  • Ten years building and leading multidisciplinary teams
  • Designed and published multiple tabletop games
  • Merged art, design, and technology at every turn

What I've Done

  • Mobile-first, performant responsive design
  • Telling stories that engage and perform
  • Pushing for holistic approaches to creating experiences
  • Learning by reading and doing