Blood Opera

By Keith Senkowski
On March 25, 2017

When I originally started work on the Tapestry Deck I knew I was going to write some sort of game to use the deck with. I played with a lot of ideas, but ultimately I came up with some Euchre inspired rules that I think get the job done.

I love art deco and I love medieval themes, so I really punched it up for these cards.

Blood Opera Rules Card

I wanted to make each character card a mini-character sheet that works visually as well as conveys key information.
Anatoli Card

The original blood opera game I ran was very slavic themed, so I tried to continue that with clothing designs.

Anna Card

My hope was to capture the physical language of each character so when you played you had easy visual cues to follow.

Ivan Card

I didn’t want any of the women to be vulnerable or traditional gaming sex kittens. Nothing drives me more crazy than that shit.

Katrina Card

Magda might be my favorite as she is visually powerful and defiant, which is often hard to capture without overt violence in the pose.

Magda Card

Viktor is my least favorite character design I think. Something about it rubs me the wrong way, though I am not sure what I would change.

Viktor Card