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These long-form essays and reviews will change your life. By changing your life I of course mean I stole some of your precious time. Why are you here? Go outside.

The Dragon in Review, Issue One Hundred Fourteen

By Keith Senkowski October 11, 2015

In honor of the month I am going to carve out some time to look at some of the Halloween issues of The Dragon. The magazine...

The Dragon in Review, Issue Eight

By Keith Senkowski February 1, 2014

To be clear, this is not the Erol Otus artwork I was talking about. It is pretty rough on the eyes. I think it is...

The Dragon in Review, Issue Seven

By Keith Senkowski January 31, 2014

This issue’s highlight is pretty well timed as I have just begun reading Jon Peterson’s history of gaming, Playing at the World. We also just marked...

The Dragon in Review, Year One

By Keith Senkowski January 20, 2014

When TSR moved on from The Strategic Review to The Dragon for the most part is was just a title change. It took some time for the writing and...

The Strategic Review

By Keith Senkowski January 12, 2014

The Strategic Review was first published in 1975 when roleplaying was really just another form of wargaming. As a lifetime game and lover of history I...

Dungeon World Actual Play

By Keith Senkowski April 6, 2013

So yesterday we began our Dungeon World campaign and I think despite my rustiness at running a game, it came off rather well. We played...