My World

it is the journey that matters in the end

In 2004 I published my first table top role-playing game, Conspiracy of Shadows. This crystalized a lot of writing on my part on the mythology and history of the world I created. It is ultimately the catalyst for the majority of my creative endeavors since that time. Here you will find all those notes and sketched out ideas translated to digital, in many cases for the first time.

The Iron Tower

By Keith Senkowski April 8, 2018

There is nothing remotely like the Iron Tower anywhere in the world. It is a structure of the deepest black metal, which when it rains,...

The Legacy of Zandos

By Keith Senkowski April 7, 2018

Zandos III of Argedon, was a king of of the Ulfar of the Stone kingdom of Argedon and a member of the Arged dynasty. He...


By Keith Senkowski February 11, 2018

Tashkon reigned over Toloska from 3755 – 3772. He was the 4th son of Zolta, the third Grand Prince of the Toloskans, and Urshuli, the...

Aratha, Mother of the Tarathans

By Keith Senkowski January 28, 2018

In the misty days, when men and gods walked side-by-side over the bones of the Jutun Empire there was a woman like no other. She was...