The Legacy of Zandos

By Keith Senkowski
On April 7, 2018

Zandos III of Argedon, was a king of of the Ulfar of the Stone kingdom of Argedon and a member of the Arged dynasty. He was born in Varnella and succeeded his father, Villif II to the throne at twenty. He spent the majority of his life on campaign, conquering what was then the Known World. He never lost a battle and after his death has been widely regarded as one of the finest commanders to have ever lead an army in the field.


The Collapse

Not long after returning from his partial conquest of the People of Ivory, Zandos caught the wasting sickness and died, leaving his empire in disarray. His first wife, Zanoxa, immediately poisoned his second wife, Illia, leaving her unborn child the only heir to the throne. In response, Zandos‘ generals acclaimed his half-brother, Villif as king Villif III and split the administration of the empire between them.

  •  Tolef the Bastard, son of Villif II, was given the Black Lands.
  • Antilogos was given most of The Arm.
  • Lyolef was given Zerem.
  • Patigos was given Argedon and the Ulfarium.
  • Kas, son of Patigos was granted the Ulfar Coast.
  • Ardica was made regent over the simpleminded king.


The First Blow

Zanoxa gives birth to a son, crowned Zandos IV as co-king with his simpleminded uncle. This leads Tolef to kidnap the body of Zandos III, allowing him to perform a ritual that binds his spirit to the Black Lands. Ardica is then driven to invade the Black Lands, which is repulsed. His defeat leads to his assassination at the hands of one of his officers, Lokas. Zanoxa takes her son and Villif III to Argedon in search of safety as Lokas is granted the bulk of the Sun Kissed Lands to rule.


Argedon in Turmoil

Patigos dies of old age, but chooses to leave Argedon to a distant cousin rather than his son, Kas, sowing additional seeds of discord. Kas aligns himself with Tolef and Antilogos, who invade a country under the thumb of Pia, mother of Zandos III. Determined to put her grandson, Zandos IV on the throne, she personally slit the throat of Villif the Simple, but was captured and executed by agents of Tolef.


End of the Dynasty

Zandos IV and his mother Zanoxa are poisoned by parties unknown. The throne is left empty for five years.


A New Player

Traus, son of Antilogos, conquers Atretis from Kas and defeats Tolef’s navy off the coast of Naxos. This pushes Kas off of The Arm, allowing Antilogos to declare himself king. Lokas and Lyolef declare themselves kings as well.


Antilogos' End

Kas, Lyolef, and Antilogos fight a three way battle that only resolved on the third day when Lokas attacked Antilogos. Antilogos died, forcing his son to retreat to their lands in Ulfarium, abandoning all claim to The Arm. Kas retained his hold on Argedon, Lyolef took the Northern Arm, and Lokas consumed the rest.


Lokas Consolidates

Aligning himself with one of the Kings of Ivory, Lokas is granted war mastodons in exchange for the territory Zandos III took from the People of Ivory.


Tolef Expand's His Reach

Traus invades and conquers Argedon from the warring sons of Kas, but his victory proves fleeting. Harus, grandson of the King of Hir, brother to Pia, and former vassal of Villif II, marries the step-daughter of Tolef. He then invades with troops from Tolef’s domain of The Black Lands, pushing Traus into exile.


Tolef Storm Crow

Tolef abdicates in favore of his younger son, Tolef II. His elder son, Tolef Storm Crow, leaves for the court of Lyolef to visit his sister, Lyolef’s wife, Noesina. He convinces his sister to frame Lyolef’s eldest son from his first marriage, Agarlef, for conspiracy. Agarlef is executed, but the plot is discovered and Tolef Storm Crow is forced to flee to the court of Lokas.

Lokas is convinced that Lyolef is a threat, and marches against him. Lyolef is killed when he faces Lokas in single combat on the battlefield. Lokas is in turn assassinated, and two days later Tolef Storm Crow takes the thrones of Argedon and Zerem and marries his sister. He then murders his nephews, forcing his sister/wife to flee to the court of their other brother, Tolef II, whom she then marries..


Wotani Threat

Tolef Storm Crow dies in a raid by the Wotani, allowing Antilogos‘ grandson, Antilogos II, to take his throne. By the end of the year, the Wotani raids get so daring, they invade the Sun Kissed Lands. Lokas’ son, Tiokus I defeats them so thoroughly that they never become a threat again in that part of the world.


Order Restored

Tolef II, Tiokus I, and Antilogos II all meet at the city of Zandosia to officially carve up Zandos’ empire between them. Tolef II retains claim to The Black Lands, Tiokus I to the Sun Kissed Lands, and Antilogos II to  Argedon and Zerem, bringing the succession wars to a close.