The Dragon in Review, Issue Eight

By Keith Senkowski
On February 1, 2014

To be clear, this is not the Erol Otus artwork I was talking about. It is pretty rough on the eyes. I think it is meant to be a character for the very long bit of fiction that dominated this issue.

Speaking of fiction, The Dragon has this odd history with short and/or serial fiction. It seems like in the early days they were just looking for things to fill the magazine with and dumped it in the issues without giving much thought to the make up of the issues.

I don’t know who this is, but I do know he is watching me.

I Don’t Know What This Is, But I Want It

Seriously. No clue what this is. Some sort of board game that Chaosium put out. It could be good. It could be terrible. Could have the most weirdly compelling ad I have seen in the magazine.

How are some of the advertisements of a better quality than the magazine?

No. I Do Not Want Realism in D&D

I blame the wargaming roots of the hobby for this nonsense. No, I do not want “realism” in D&D. That is just bonkers to me. Why would anyone want that?

I mean, nothing about the system that makes up the game simulates reality. It simulates medieval warfare as well as Monopoly simulates the Great Depression.

Brian Blume gives us some fuzzy math before G.W. Bush made it popular.

Just Let Erol Design Everything

Can we just agree that Erol Otus should have been the art director for all TSR products? Yes? I thought so. So let’s discuss this actual Featured Creature article.

It is a contest to create stats for this bad boy illustration. It is the first contest I have seen in the magazine, and I will say that it was poorly handled. Nothing appeared in the magazine for several issues regarding it, then suddenly a small call out with results.

I Want Erol Otus to design all of my nightmares for me