The Iron Tower

By Keith Senkowski
On April 8, 2018

There is nothing remotely like the Iron Tower anywhere in the world. It is a structure of the deepest black metal, which when it rains, looks as though it is bleeding as the rust tinged water seeps from it’s seams. Not crafted by mortal hands, it is as unique as The Mountain that rises alone in the Sea of Grass.

The tower rises stark and sheer from the center of the island of Naxos, where it has stood since before humanity began to record history. Thought it is called the Iron Tower, it is made of a seemingly otherworldly, ageless material. It smells and feels as iron does, but is clearly much harder, and despite it’s weeping rusty water, doesn’t corrode in any way.

According to the tales told by the Ulfar who make their home on Naxos, the tower was erected on the spot where the gods met and decided the fate of Sarl, the Dead God. Not long after it was raised, Thor, the son of Beli, slew the trickster Vilk, and fed his heart to Fenrir, the End Wolf. They say the beast is chained in the bowels of the tower, slowly chewing on that heart, and as she shifts herself in her cage, the island shakes.

Another legend about the tower has drawn many foolish warriors to test their mettle and slip in through a tiny entrance at it’s base. The legend speaks of the day in which Fenrir will finish the heart of Vilk and go hungry again. She will break her bonds and grow in size until she consumes the sun, bringing about the Twilight of the World. The Prophecy of the Wolf states that only the greatest warrior will be able to thwart this doom should they slay the wolf before she breaks free.