The Old Wolf at the End

By Keith Senkowski
On April 2, 2019

This piece was my third try on this canvas. When I was in high school I painted a dark abstract piece for my Grandma Joan, who passed away a few years ago. I decided that she wouldn’t want me to let the canvas go to waste, so started to paint over it.

The initial painting was of a warrior facing off against a dragon that had just landed. I really liked some parts of it, but felt the composition was weak. There was too much uninteresting white space at the top, and too much interesting action at the bottom.

Acrylic on Canvas

I opted instead to work on something tied to a larger project I am looking to start this year. I have been plotting out around 70 issues of a comic book for a bit now and plan on painting the covers to comics that will likely never exist. This character is a key protagonist, so took the opportunity to work out who they are in a pivotal moment in their life.