The Tapestry Deck, The Suit of Coins

By Keith Senkowski
On April 7, 2016

When I moved onto the last suit of cards I knew I needed to change the style up again. When I first got the markers I did a test illustration using one color to create the illustration. I love how that piece turned out so decided that I needed to try and recapture the magic.

Some of these pieces work really well and some suffer from me forcing the style on weaker compositions. As a whole I am pleased with how they came out and what I learned, but I don’t think I would use some of these colors again for this style of work.

My initial attempt at this style was done in red, so it was natural I started with red.

Green was tough to work with because of the heavy variation in hues.

I love the way this piece came out. The guardsmen standing faceless before their emperor is very Star Wars.

This is my least favorite piece. I hate the brown and I feel the composition is weak.

This is a recreation of the illustration I did of the ApprenticeĀ for my Kickstarter. I like it.

This piece is a homage to my friend John, who role-played the greatest merchant character of all time, Jargas.

I kind of cheated with this one, going more warm colors than sticking to a single color. I think the piece is all the stronger for it.

I was trying to capture a thief (The Guildsman) working in a crowded market, but it got muddled. Live and learn.

There is not a lot going on here, but it is still pretty striking. I think the technical skills are strong, but the illustration is boring.

I love this piece. The reds pop and the composition is strong.

These last three pieces are great with strong composition and execution.

This one is just weird, but works. I guess the Alfar King has moose antlers.