The Tapestry Deck, The Suit of Stars

By Keith Senkowski
On April 5, 2016

When I started to move onto the suit of stars, I knew I wanted to change up the style of the cards. I wanted to do constellations but knew the style I had used previously wasn’t going to work. I decided to try and recreate a style I used to use with acrylic paint, blending colors together then painting stars over in a random pattern. In this case I used some Japanese gel pens for the stars.

This was my first one and I feel it is the strongest piece still from this suit.

The coyote trickster has to have a place in every pantheon. Mine is no different.

I love and hate the figure eight structure of this piece. Not sure why.

I’m not sure this one worked at all. The figure kind of gets lost.

Justice is a pretty universal idea and the blind woman with the scales was an obvious choice.

I made a stage-taur. I have no idea why, but seemed right at the time, and he is ripped.

Any artist can make a pretty woman when it comes to a mermaid. How many can make a goat headed one?

And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva… So tweasure your wuv.

No idea what he is doing. He is basically Richard III but not sure I captured that.

Or Neptune? Even I run out of ideas sometimes.

The damn raven is everywhere. You might consider me obsessed.

Wolves are just awesome no matter you do with them.